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Coaching is aimed at helping anyone who wants to actively engage in a process of personal development. This is achieved by learning how to identify and respond to stimuli and work with them in a way that enables you to experience them constructively. Our aim is to help you make something out of these experiences, by exploring explicit interests and generating goals. To move forward and get you to where you want to go. 

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Setting the right goals can transport you to new worlds where your voice is clear and your needs are met. By working together we will take time to understand your present and clearly define and design your desired future.



Coaching aimed at helping leaders and teams develop. It is an inward focused process which translates to outer results benefiting both the executive and the organization. Through customized leadership development opportunities, we support executives and teams to develop and achieve optimal performance in a culture of respect, resilience and well-being



We host corporate seminars and webinars covering a wide range of subjects for professional development. Our work focuses on creating value through individual empowerment, development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills in order to attain desired goals. 



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About Penelope Dimitrakopoulou

Penelope Dimitrakopoulou is an Executive and Team Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF Global).

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