Setting the right goals can transport you to new worlds where your voice is clear and your needs are met.


This is a website about coaching, where the focus is to help you get to the place you want to go.


we will take time to understand your present and clearly define and design your desired future.

Coaching is aimed at helping anyone who wants to actively engage in a process of personal development

This is achieved by learning how to identify and respond to stimuli and work with them in a way that enables you to experience them constructively.

Our work is to learn how to make something out of these experiences, by exploring explicit interests and generating goals. In this way you will learn how to move forward and get to where you want to go.

how does it work?

Together we will


Sit down, talk and explore. Find out what is in your mind


Use your findings to define clear steps that you can work on to achieve your goals


Put them into action!

By the end of our coaching relationship,

you will have learnt how to

take responsibility of your actions and your feelings

use your newly acquired skillset and apply it to everyday life challenges

understand and accept the process of change – learn how to give time to your emotions to catch up with your new thoughts and behaviors

change your attitude by giving a constructive meaning to your experiences

build habits that benefit you

enhance your self-awareness by exploring any dormant feelings, thoughts and ideas that lie passive and unrepresented.

understand how the perception of a situation affects your performance

HI, I am Penelope

A Life and Executive Coach in Athens, Greece following a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Media studies in the UK.  I am a member of the ICF ( International Coaching Federation ), currently training at PPC level.  I have over 8 years experience working as an International Sales Representative, including marketing, promotion and sales.

I have Greek / French dual nationality and am currently based in Athens, Greece.

My sessions are individually tailored to your needs and can be held in person, via telephone or Skype.


Alexandra Stratou | Author of 'Cooking with Loula' & Feldenkrais Practitioner

I must admit I used to be a life coach skeptic. I didn’t really know much about it but having done psychotherapy for a few years I wasn’t quite sure it has that much too offer. After one session with Penelope I realised I was quite mistaken. Every session I would leave with very clear goals, and words to talk about what my intentions and worries were. The point was not to discover why I was feeling the things I was feeling but rather what actions I could take to protect myself from uncomfortable feelings in the future and confront situations in different ways outside of my habitual reactions.

Penelope demonstrated objective interest in our sessions and also had a fantastic way of making my jumbled mind feel much more organised. Her questions were pertinent and she never excluded information as insignificant which greatly helped me in creating connections between what I was saying. She has a young and fun outlook and listens with interest to what you say. She is not too serious but is serious enough and I never felt intimidated or afraid to express myself.

I highly recommend her!!!

Alexia Mitsikosta | Research Project Manager
I think, above all, my sessions with Penelope led me back to a sense of self; awareness of me and of my individual personality, of my values and aspirations, and then a motivation to remain aware of these when it is so easy to forget them and to take steps towards fulfilling them. Penelope was able to make me see that small step by small step, I can actually achieve a leap that initially seemed terrifying.
Marina Lazaridi | Architect & Feldenkrais teacher

I met Penelope in a critical period of my life where I had to take some important decisions for my future.

I left from our first session with two plans; but after a lot of work done by the two of us I ended up following a third one which I hadn’t predicted nor planned at the beginning of our meetings. It resulted however from the coaching tools acquired from our work together from the previous months. And this is the important thing I have gained from Life Coaching; life is unpredictable and we need to stay open, flexible and ready to adapt to new situations in order to face it.

Penelope is a trustworthy guide sitting on the passenger seat. With her characteristic subtle way, discreet but also firm when needed, she is there to light up the choices and possibilities that will open the road to the goals that the other has chosen. She does not give ready solutions but through her method she sharps the others’ instincts and brain to help them find the solutions that they need.

I would recommend Life Coaching to anyone that is in need of instant “grounding” to everyday life.

It’s a tool of practical help for problem solving as well as goal achievement. It is also a good trust exercise, of how, when and from whom you need to ask for help without having to depend on others. To trust other people is not an easy task and it needs work. It is however a very enriching and beautiful process.

Maria Sozou | Product Manager & accessories designer
I started off with Penelope on a complete blank page. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get anything out of it since I, myself, wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for professionally. She really helped me to apply myself and set clear goals for the near future, not only for my career but on a personal level as well. I was able to prioritize better and handle my daily tasks thoroughly and efficiently leading to kick starting one of the most creative projects of my life. Working with her felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and everything that before felt extremely overwhelming, now seems more than possible. Penelope is patient, focused and disarming. She is a natural at approaching complicated situations and made me feel completely at ease with her trusting demeanor. I can’t recommend her service highly enough. I really couldn’t have done it without her!

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