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The Euphoria Series at Manna

The Euphoria Series at Manna

The Euphoria Series x Wine is fine

The Euphoria Series x Wine is fine

The Euphoria Series x WineisFine

The Euphoria Series x WineisFine

The Euphoria Series x WineisFine

The Euphoria Series x WineisFine

The Euphoria Series Picnincs

The Euphoria Series Picnincs

The Euphoria Series

The Euphoria Series

The Euphoria Series x Emmanuela Kostaki

The Euphoria Series x Emmanuela Kostaki

The Euphoria Series Picnics

The Euphoria Series Picnics

The Euphoria Series Picnincs

The Euphoria Series Picnincs

THE EUPHORIA SERIES x KYMMATIA  - A Wellness & Sailing Gastronomy Retreat
Date: 06-08.09.2024

    The pursuit of euphoria—connecting, growing, and savoring life's experiences

    Our Euphoria Series events and retreats are designed to combine gastronomy and wellness in specially selected environments and with people  that inspire us. 

   At the heart of this project is "euphoria" which for us means: connecting with like-minded people and practicing personal growth, while sharing delicious food and wine experiences.

   For our next event, we are excited to join forces with Kymmatia as we sail our way to euphoria in the Aegean Sea. Our final destination? The luxurious and perfectly secluded Santa Irini Retreat on Therasia, a quiet sister island in the Santorini cluster, situated next to the volcanic beauty of the caldera.




     A private 3-day slow living retreat for 8 guests, full board (all meals included)

     2-night accommodation at Santa Irini Retreat on Therasia, breakfast included*

     2 days of sailing experience on the Kymmatia boat around nearby islands* with lunch and wine included

     Private fine dining at the Santa Irini restaurant

     Wine tasting 

     Dining at a local taverna

     Group workshop  Nurturing Wellbeing: Self-Care for personal and professional success*

     Pilates sessions

     Transportation to and from Therasia**

       *Specific journey will be organized according to the weather conditions.​

        ** If you wish to travel on your own to and from Therasia please contact us for instructions 

​      WHO ITS FOR 

      Luxury travelers seeking unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences

      Eco-conscious individuals who value sustainability

      Those looking to connect with like-minded, inspiring people

      Food and wine enthusiasts

      Wellness and personal growth seekers

      Professionals needing rejuvenation and inspiration

      Small corporate groups wanting exclusive retreats



      Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, foster personal growth, rejuvenate your mind

      and body and last but not  least   have some fun!

       * for those wishing to extend their stay please contact

       * To initiate collaborations and to organize your corporate event or retreat, kindly get in touch with us

What's Included


Day 1

     18:00 - 18:30: Welcome and Group Bonding

     18:30 - 19:30: Outdoor Pilates Class

     20:00: Seated Dinner Curated by Hotel Chef

Day 2


       10:00 - 15:00: Sailing & Light Lunch onboard

       Free Time

       19:30: Dinner Party at a Local Taverna /  Wine tasting  

Day 3



       Sailing Around Nearby Islands

       Lunch onboard

       17:00 - 18:00: Onboard Group Workshop -

"Nurturing Wellbeing: Self-Care Practices for Personal and Professional Success"

·       19:00 Arrival

Our event is open to participants of all ages and physical abilities. Whether you are a beginner of

an experienced individual seeking rejuvenation and self-discovery, we warmly invite you to join us.


Our personalized staff will make sure to assist you so that you enjoy this experience according to

your needs and preferences. 

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, foster personal growth,

rejuvenate your mind and body and last but not least have some fun!

Spots are limited

* To initiate collaborations and to organize your corporate event or retreat, kindly get in touch with us

The Schedule 

The Activities



Breakfast will be served at the hotel.



Lunches will be provided by the Kymmatia chef (and some wine too!) Local bio products will be used



The welcome dinner at the hotel will be curated by the hotel chef, featuring an authentic Greek meal cooked in a traditional wood stove. We'll dine privately under the stars.

On the second night, we will dine at a local tavern.


Wine Tasting

We will be enjoying wine tasting of local Greek biodynamic wines all weekend long!

The Food

Wellness Activities 

Group Workshop by Penelope Dimitrakopoulou,

Leadership Coach 

Purpose: These events  are designed to empower participants on their path to the next phase of their lives. You'll have the opportunity to examine your present situation, plan for your upcoming steps, and reshape your decisions, whether they involve your career, relationships, or overall lifestyle.

These workshops serve as an ideal platform for individuals seeking to:

Facilitate a smooth transition in their lives.

Navigate through periods of change with confidence and clarity.

Seek support and utilize a sounding board for their thoughts and ideas.

Take their professional growth to the next level or embark on new ventures.

Enhance their overall well-being and foster a more fulfilling life.

Cultivate and nurture their relationships with others.

Benefits: Participating in these workshops will provide you with invaluable understanding, useful techniques, and tailored support to navigate your unique journey ahead. The objective is to empower you with the essential skills and perspective required to welcome positive changes and make a significant difference in your life.

Participation Options:

Individuals as well as groups have the option to join, whether independently or as part of a team (including corporate teams, start-ups, or any teams with shared objectives).

Additional Offerings:

*Personal Coaching Session

To enhance personal exploration and enrich their involvement, participants have the opportunity, upon advance request, to engage in a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session. To book your session please contact Penelope 

* To initiate collaborations and to organize your corporate event or retreat, kindly get in touch with us


We will go by a variety of Yoga/Pilates sessions: some focused-on winding down and stretching, and others on a more dynamic flow.



As a sailing boat, the Kymatia embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure, inviting passengers to embark on a journey of discovery across the boundless expanse of the ocean. With its sturdy frame and expertly rigged sails, the Kymatia promises a safe and exhilarating voyage for all who dare to set sail upon its storied decks.

The Kymatia boat, whose owners are the established Cycladica in Oia, represents the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation, offering a timeless seafaring experience that is both luxurious and adventurous. Whether basking in the sun-drenched tranquility of the deck or navigating the windswept seas, Kymatia promises an unforgettable journey that will be cherished for a lifetime.

* For all of you who wish to extend their holidays in Oia Santorini, please contact

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Pricing and Cancellation Policy

Ticket price per person, according to room type: 

Nicolas Superior Suite: 1600 Eur 

Avgi Superior Suite Sunset View: 1700 Eur

Theodosia Superior Suite Infinity View: 1650 Eur 

Margarita Superior Suite Caldera View: 1750 Eur 

To book your spot, please make a 10% down payment as soon as possible.

To secure your spot please make a 100% down payment by Monday 20/07 

Please note that spaces are limited.

To book your spot, or for any additional information please contact us

Cancellation Policy:

The deposit is non-refundable, except in the event of cancellation of the program.
While the payment is non-refundable, it can be fully transferred to another individual.
Cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled arrival date, non-shows, or a decrease in the length of stay will incur a charge equivalent to 100% of the total booking amount.

Info & Reservations

For more information and reservations please fill in below form and we will get back to you!

Thanks for submitting!

The Hotel 


A Retreat in Therassia, in an unspoiled land where tradition meets simplicity, luxury and elegance, with absolute respect to its physical environment and history. A place where visitors will feel they are stepping back in time, for at least half a century. A place where you will experience the serenity of the island, enjoy the breathtaking view of the caldera, appreciate the beauty of the sun literally setting in the villa’s courtyard and enjoy their private vegetable garden, the vineyards and the unique surrounding landscape. Santa Irini retreat wish to offer their guest an adventure beyond the limits of a typical tourist destination, combining modern and comfortable accommodation with the authentic feeling of a place that has remained the same throughout the centuries

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The Euphoria Series

The pursuit of euphoria—connecting, growing, and savoring life's experiences

Our Euphoria Series events and retreats blend gastronomy and wellness in unique environments with inspiring individuals.

At the core of this project is "euphoria," which means connecting with like-minded people, fostering personal growth, and enjoying delightful food and wine experiences. This initiative combines culinary excellence with wellness in meticulously selected settings. We aim to attract those seeking to enhance their quality of life and form meaningful connections.

Sustainability is a key focus, as we choose eco-friendly venues, partners, and practices. Our goal is to create spaces where participants can rejuvenate, be inspired, and grow while caring for the planet.

We offer events and retreats for individuals and corporate groups, providing tailored experiences that promote growth, connection, and rejuvenation. Whether attending alone or with a team, our programs are designed to meet diverse needs.

"Euphoria" is more than an experience—it's a journey towards self-discovery and well-being through culinary delights and wellness activities. Join our community and explore new ways to enrich your life and relationships. "


The Euphoria Series Corporate 

Book your next offsite retreat with us! 

The Euphoria Series Corporate offers the best opportunity for your team to bond over high-quality experiences.

Led by Penelope Dimitrakopoulou, Executive and Leadership Coach, the Euphoria Series Corporate blends personal and professional development with wellness and gastronomy experiences. With increasing awareness of the importance of self-care and personal growth in the workplace, the project promises relaxation, education, and wellness enhancement. Penelope's expertise in leadership coaching and corporate wellness, ensures a comprehensive approach to professional growth. Through customized seminars, retreats, and offsite events, the Euphoria Series Corporate covers a wide range of subjects aimed at professional development and new opportunities for team-building activities that go beyond traditional approaches. Her work focuses on creating value through individual empowerment, enabling individuals and organizations to thrive and contribute to a more vibrant and fulfilling workplace environment.


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